Private Constellation Sessions

For when you have a pressing question or want to get a more complete understanding of your family, relationships, or doing your life’s work.

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What type of question can I bring for a Constellation?

Constellations work best for questions that feel pressing and big; that you have not been able to think your way out of; that feel like they might have echoes in old patterns. Here are some of the classic outcomes we look for in a constellation:

Family & Relationships

Get love flowing again in family and relationships

  • Be free from difficult dynamics originating from your family or ancestors
  • Get support for starting a new phase of your life — new relationships, marriages, children, families
  • Find the underlying message behind a health symptom or diagnosis
  • Find a place of truth and reconciliation for those whose previous generations were caught in the conflicts of wars, famine, emigrations, or racial injustices
  • Increase the mutual embracing for blended families
  • Make sense of things that do not otherwise do not add up
  • Transform inherited patterns into powerful gifts and blessings for yourself, your family, and posterity

Doing Your Life’s Work

Get energy moving in your creative and professional life

  • Get clarity on next steps and strategic moves for doing your life’s work
  • Prioritize which audiences and markets are most receptive to your product, service offering, or creative work
  • Navigate complex dynamics with coworkers and collaborators
  • Increase the flow of abundance and prosperity
  • Find more ease in using your voice and stepping in to visibility
  • Open more fully to your professional success and flourishing

How do private constellations work?

Constellations is often known as “the approach of last resort” that people come to after trying to change through many other modalities. Looking from a systemic perspective, we often see how an issue or burden we are carrying is connected to an unresolved pattern originating from a dynamic in the family system. Constellations guide us through an inner process of truth and reconciliation, releasing us from old patterns, and opening the way for a new way of being in the world.

If you have participated in a family constellations circle, you have seen the traditional practice where people stand as representatives for family members. A similar process is done working together in a private setting. Instead of people standing as representatives, we often use figurines and elements from nature to represent  people or aspects in the system. Constellations are also very effective as a visualization or meditation.

There is a strong transformative power in private constellations that is as effective as when done in a group setting. What ultimately releases intergenerational pattern and sets something new in motion, is becoming aware of the connections.

You may wish to schedule integration sessions in the following weeks to support you in applying the new insights.

Facilitated by Alissa Fleet

Alissa is a Family & Systemic Constellations Facilitator offering Systemic Coaching for personal and professional transformation. She brings a background of learning from the most beloved constellations trainers in the U.S., as well as Buddhist psychology, and indigenous wisdom traditions. She is thirteenth generation from Cape Cod, from a family with a deep love for place, ancestors, and telling family stories. For questions about doing your life’s work, she draws on 20 years working in product design management for branding, innovation, and management consulting.

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Private Constellation:

  • First session: 75 mins @ $150
  • Held in person at 331 Park Avenue South NYC or over Zoom/Skype

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