Business & Organizational Constellation Workshops

Individual constellations & explorations on a different theme each time.

Sun June 21, 1-4 pm EST: Doing Your Life’s Work

Sun July 26, 1-4 pm EST: The Emerging Future


At each workshop, participants will have the opportunity for an individual constellation to get new perspective on their current situation and an empowered sense of possibility for transformation. We will also explore a different theme from Business & Organizational Constellations. All will have the opportunity to do an experiential practice to gain insights into how this theme shows up in their professional life.

What type of question can I bring for a Constellation?

You are welcome to bring any question related to professional life. Constellations are particularly effective for questions that that you have not been able to think your way out of; that feel like they might have echoes in old patterns. Here are some of the outcomes we look for in a constellation.

  • Get energy moving in your creative and professional life
  • Get clarity on next steps and strategic moves for doing your life’s work
  • Prioritize which audiences and markets are most receptive to your product, service offering, or creative work
  • Navigate complex dynamics with coworkers and collaborators
  • Increase the flow of abundance and prosperity
  • Find more ease in using your voice and stepping in to visibility
  • Open more fully to your professional success and flourishing

How do Constellations Work?

Taking a holistic approach guided by systems theory, representatives are placed for each significant member of a family, relationship, or workplace dynamic. Participants in the circle are invited to serve the process as representatives. The positioning of representatives is what we call a “constellation.”

The constellations process is designed to support you having an embodied understanding of the current situation and an empowered sense of possibility for how to move forward. The insights and guidance you receive are based on your own felt sense — you will feel when what shows up in the constellation rings true and is authentic for you. Whether you set your own constellation, stand as a representative, or simply observe, many people find it to be a meaningful experience.


Facilitated by Alissa Fleet

The constellations facilitator guides the process, looking to uncover “what is true,” and may ask for additional information. Most often we can see in the representatives a clarifying story, a release from old patterns, and a way for all aspects of the system to find a good place.

As a facilitator Alissa brings a background in studying with the most beloved constellation trainers in the US, as well as Buddhist psychology and indigenous wisdom traditions. For business-related constellations she draws on 20 years in product design management for branding and innovation consultancies.

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Register to Attend

All workshops take place via Zoom. A link will be sent to you in advance.

Dates: Sundays, June 21, July 26 (more dates in August to be announced)

Time: 10-1 pm PST / 1-4 pm EST / 6-9 pm GMT

Pay Only: $30 in advance / $35 same-day registration