Coaching for Heart-centered Entrepreneurs

For people with mission-based small businesses, healing arts practitioners, creatives, and people who are looking to launch something connected to their heart’s calling.

I work with you on the practical aspects of shaping your offering and building a sustainable business.

Shaping your offering

When you’re in the early stage of creating something new, I work closely with you to help shape your offering.

Approaching your work from a holistic perspective, we look for where there is the most support for your creative projects and business ideas. The goal is to find the thing that fits you like a glove, and that the world is ready for today.

For this stage of the process I draw on a background of 20 years in user experience, design thinking, and strategy.

Marketing strategy

Once you are clear on your offering, I work with you on the practical aspects of sharing it with the world. I can provide you with design direction and guidance on marketing, the service experience you will be offering, and technical setup. When you need specialized talent I can help you source a team with the right skill set.

In addition to traditional market research, there are techniques from systemic constellations I bring to help diagnose the most beneficial market opportunities that are ready today.

Systemic awareness

Sometimes there are times when living your full potential and building a business is mysterious and challenging. When this happens we work through it using a systemic perspective. We can set up a constellation to understand more about the hidden dynamics at play. This is particularly effective for dynamics with team members and collaborators; chronic stuckness that doesn’t otherwise seem to budge; for feeling more comfortable with stepping into visibility; and for when you have a hunch you may not be letting in all of the success that is possible for you.

Ways of Working Together

Coaching Sessions

We meet regularly to stay clear and focused on getting you to where you want to be. This is practical coaching with a holistic worldview on doing your life’s work.

via video call or in person in Manhattan

Private Constellations

For when you have a single work-related problem you want to troubleshoot in one or two problem-focused sessions.

via video call or in person in Manhattan

Schedule a Discovery Call

As a first step, set up a free discovery call where I learn what is alive for you and we can figure out the best way to work together

Find a time via Calendly and you will receive details about how we can meet over video call.

Please reach out with any questions

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