New Emergence in Constellations

with Bruce Nayowith & Friends
Sun Mar 29th
Sat April 18th & Sun April 19th
New York City


Realms of Representation

Join Bruce, Alissa, and friends in experimenting with new possibilities with Constellations.

Representation allows us to engage difficult emotions, complex situations, business and systemic challenges in groups that gather to explore and be of service to each other.

The more that we appreciate this unique human capacity for representation, the more it can open us to experience “realms of reality” beyond ourselves — present, past, and future humans; organizations; archetypes; Earth; Nature; and spiritual energies, to name a few. The presence of the group is a core aspect of the experience.

While the exact format is to be determined, some possible directions may include:

  • Expanding Collective Capacity
  • Constellating Sacred Blueprints
  • Constellating “The Refusal of Love”
  • Constellating Dreams – nocturnal, or longings that have not yet had a place in this world
  • Sensing Homeopathic Remedies
  • Working in Timeless Spaces
  • Constellations as Alchemical Cauldron, a container that assists in the creation and transformation of as-yet-unformed elements

A number of these will be done as a whole group. Some may be done in smaller groups, so that each person can have the experience. 

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Stepping into the field intentionally is an invitation to allow field energies to play a song through us. Unlike an instrument, our own song/frequency plays in the background. We are not the song, yet we can play and experience it. Through representation, we learn about other ‘songs’, increase our awareness and expand our capacities.

adapted from Terra Brooke


9:30 am: Coffee, tea, and gathering
10:00 am: Circle opens; morning session
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm: Lunch break (bring a lunch or pick up something nearby)
1:30 pm: Afternoon session
5:00 pm: Circle closes

Who is this for?
Training in constellations or experience with subtle energy work is recommended in order to benefit from this day of experimentation.


Meets: Sun Mar 29th, 10 am – 5 pm
Location: Balance Arts,  151 West 30th St., 3rd Floor, NYC (Penn Station/Herald Square subway)
Registration: $50

Keeping the cost low as the day will be experimental in nature. We encourage advance registration, as that will help us envision the day and what we might offer.



Meets: Sat April 18th and Sun April 19th, 10 am – 5 pm
Location: The Assemblage, 17 John St, NYC (Fulton Street subway)
Registration: $50 per day


Please register separately for each day

About Bruce Nayowith

Bruce Nayowith, MD brings his engagement with several practice communities (Focusing, Dynamic Facilitation, Stephen Busby’s Embodying Higher Consciousness, Family Constellations, Thomas Hubl’s Pocket Project) to explore kinds of collective resourcing. He practiced emergency medicine in Massachusetts and New York for over 25 years.

“My interest is in bringing together the energy and commitment of activists, the guidance and sensitivity of intuitives, and paradigms and processes from various healing traditions to help us engage the intense challenges of our times.”


For more information please contact Bruce Nayowith or Alissa Fleet

Previous New Emergence Events

New Emergence in Constellations

with Bruce Nayowith & Friends
Sat Jan 25th, 10 am – 5 pm
The Assemblage John St.,  NYC

Accessing a Collective Nervous System

Join us for a day of exploring new possibilities with Constellations.

Because of our connectedness and capacity for Representative Perception, it is possible to “share nervous systems with each other” in a constellated field.

This allows us to explore difficult emotions, complex situations, business and systemic challenges in a group that gathers together to explore and be of service to each other.

In this exploration, we place the field of connection with each other in the foreground, and use the process of Family and Systemic Constellations in service to that. In this way, the constellation becomes not just a tool, but a portal, opening into a realm of collectivity and connectivity with others.

A few of the possible experiments may include: constellating emotions, the chakra system, Resource-Rich constellations, Untangling Resources, Co-Presencing, and more.

Background and inspiration

Terra Brooke has developed a form for “Constellating an Emotion”, with a client and 4 representatives. This involves constellating different aspects of the emotion (the feeling, what message it brings, what to do about it, etc).

Each of these aspects is given its own space, each with its own representative.

Laying out the elements and slowing the process down is particularly helpful when the energy is very compressed, or when processing occurs so quickly that we may not even notice it.  (See Daniel Siegel’s description of constellations from a neural network perspective.)

This also has parallels to some neurobiology. We have a structure that brings up sensation and meaning, and another structure that filters and evaluates it. This is related to how the 6 layers of our cerebral cortex work – the deeper layers receive upcoming input from the body, and the outer layers operated from the top down, suppressing or guiding the incoming input.

This processing occurs so quickly, that we are often not aware of it.

David Groves defines the unconscious as “any process that occurs faster that 0.1 second.” He believes that “any process that is slower than 0.1 second, can be registered consciously.

If we are able to slow a process down, and lay it out – through meditation, contemplation, or constellation –  we can see what is happening there, and relate to it consciously….”

When we do this in connection with others, we access expanded support and resources that can nourish the entire group as well as the individual whose process is being expanded.

A peer-based seminar combining Constellations with advanced therapeutic techniques such as Internal Family Systems, Focusing, Coherence Therapy, and more. Making space for new emergence in constellations.

Constellating with the Emerging Future

In his travels and study of multiple practice communities, Bruce has been observing a common theme where the Emerging Future has been making itself known as a resource that we can work with.

What do we mean by the “Emerging Future?” The most obvious way to see it is through Jan Jacob Stam’s similar discovery. When Stam began doing organizational constellations for startup companies, what often showed up in the field was that the true “client” was NOT the founders and their particular vision for their company. Particularly when the company was less than two years old, the client of the constellation was the Emerging Future trying to express itself through the founders. Since this discovery Stam may place the Emerging Future as a representative in certain business and organizational constellations.

While constellations are traditionally guided by the question of a single individual, in the process that Bruce is co-creating with other practitioners, we consider the Emerging Future as a parallel client, with its own impulses. Still beginning with an individual’s question or concern, we place a number of resources in the field, and also invite some people to stand in co-presencing.

In recent processes Bruce has done, with more resources placed, a wide spectrum of luminous resourcing energies have been coming through. At the end of the constellation, instead of “shaking off” these representations, people who resonated with them are encouraged to keep them as offerings from the Emerging Future. Each person involved may come away from the circle with a gift, a new accessible quality or frequency which they can take home with them and bring into their own lives.

“The Big Picture,” by Beth Tener

Background and Inspiration

Schedule of Events

Thurs Oct 17
10am – 4pm
New Emergence in Constellations
Experimental Seminar

Thurs Oct 17
7pm – 9pm
Constellating with the Emerging Future
Balance Arts
151 W 30th St., 3rd Floor, NYC (near Penn Station)

Fri Oct 18
10am – 4pm
New Emergence in Constellations
Experimental Seminar

Fri Oct 18
6pm – 9pm
Social Gathering at the Rubin Museum
150 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011


For more information please contact Bruce Nayowith or Alissa Fleet