Family & Systemic Constellations

For new perspective on old patterns

Through a constellations approach, I help people find the hidden dynamics and untapped resources for everyday questions relating to family, friendships, and doing their life’s work.

Business Design & Innovation

For doing your life’s work

When you have a mission-based business or creative venture you are ready to launch, I work with you on the practical aspects of shaping your offering and building a sustainable business.

Family & Systemic Constellations

Constellations help modern people find practical guidance for everyday concerns.

It is often known as “the approach of last resort” that people come to after trying to change through many other modalities. Looking from a systemic perspective, we often see how an issue or burden we are carrying is connected to an unresolved pattern originating from a dynamic in the family system. Constellations guide us through an inner process of truth and reconciliation, releasing us from old patterns, and opening the way for a new way of being in the world.

If you have participated in a family constellations circle, you have seen the traditional practice where people stand as representatives for family members. A similar process is done working together in a private setting. We sometimes use stones or figurines to represent different people or aspects in the system. Constellations is also very effective when done as a visualization or meditation.

Business Design & Innovation

Whether you are in a process of clarifying your life purpose or have a heart-centered, mission-based business you are ready to launch, I work with you on the practical aspects of living into your purpose.

Approaching your work from a holistic perspective, we’ll find where there is the most support for your creative projects and business ideas. As you get ready to launch, I draw on a background of 20 years in user experience, design thinking, and marketing, to strategize with you on a plan to manifest your vision. I can provide you with specific direction and guidance on marketing, the service experience you will be offering your clients, and help you source a team for when you need specialized talent.

Sometimes there are times when living your purpose and building a business is mysterious and challenging. When this happens we work through it using systemic constellations, which is particularly effective for chronic problems that don’t seem to budge; for testing the most beneficial market opportunities that are ready today; and for when you have a hunch you may not be letting in all of the success that is possible for you.

Ways of Working Together

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30 minutes where I learn what is alive for you and we figure out what will be the most productive way to work together

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Systemic Coaching

This is practical coaching with a holistic worldview on how family, relationships, and doing your life’s work all weave together.

3-5 sessions over the course of a month with ongoing email and text support

via Skype/Zoom or in person in Manhattan

Private Constellation Sessions

When you want to look at a pressing question related to family, relationships, or doing your life’s work.

via Skype/Zoom or in person in Manhattan


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