This understanding of the True Self comes from Betsy Bergstrom — that the True Self holds the blueprint of who we could be if everything had gone perfectly in our lives. It is the part of us that is connected to the divine, to the field of universal intelligence. Connecting with the True Self, you can familiarize yourself with the blueprint and become recharged by filling up with soul power.

For people who are sensitive, it can be overwhelming to go through this world with so much energy being thrown our way. While the tendency is to contract and become small, the real protection is in becoming big, in the sense described at the end of the meditation.

True Self Meditation

sit comfortably and close your eyes

feel your feet on the floor

feel your grounding cords, stretching out from the bottom of your feet, and from the base of your spine, reaching down towards the earth

be aware of the earth below you. i am here in brooklyn, where the top layer of the earth has been worked over. most recently there have been many people walking over it, bringing the energy that they do. and parts of this particular place on planet earth has been paved over and there has been centuries now of people owning the land, commerce, and a lot of history. it has all of these impressions people have put upon it.

drop your cords through those layers, and beneath the topsoil, going further down, below the subway tunnels, below the sewers, is an earth that has never been touched by human hands

there may be the remains from the animals that were here before humans

and the glaciers moving over this particular part of the planet

beneath all this is terra firma

drop your cords deep into terra firma, to the untouched mystery of earth

of how the earth was formed,

below bedrock and shale through the layers of magma

drop your grounding cords through all of this mystery

past geological time

and feel yourself firmly rooted to the earth

that you are of the earth

and part of the earth

now that you are part of this great earth

bring yourself to a beautiful place in nature

it can be a place you have been before

or that only exists in your imagination

use all of your senses to make contact with this beautiful place

make contact with your eyes

taking in all of the vision of this beautiful place

make contact with your ears

what are the sounds that you hear?

do you hear any animals or birds?

are the plants there making any sounds?

make contact with your sense of touch

reach out and feel

any textures that your feet or hands are feeling

as you breathe in

what does this beautiful place smell like?

what does the air smell like?

how does it feel in your body to take in a deep breath of this air?

and does this place have a taste?

as you sit and take in the extraordinary beauty of this place

see if you can perceive that this would be the perfect place to meet your true self

see if you can perceive your true self

even if it is just a glimmer or a shimmer

when you do, greet the true self

notice what she is like

gaze at her

take her in with all of your senses

feel her presence

after some time, see Does your true self have a message?

Notice how your true self communicates

with a feeling?

with sounds?

with words?

Invite your true self to come a little closer

and then closer still

and then finally let it become part of you

come back to terra firma

letting the mist of terra firma wash over you

notice how your true self can expand and become very very big

and then it bring back closer to your body

letting it coalesce