Everyday Mystery School is dedicated to activating transformation by applying systems thinking to practical challenges.

We are here for the revitalization of people and society. We are guided by the truth that our whole is greater than the sum of our parts, and so we do this together.

We build community among those who do not fit into old paradigms, who are following an impulse to do things differently. We are courageous in the face of our failing institutions, environmental crisis, political and social turmoil, and economic uncertainty. Together we are creating new forms into which our energy can be poured and shaped — whether in new projects, businesses, practices, homes, or however we are led to contribute. We recognize that the Creative shows up in many forms and places, expresses itself in different ways and across borders. We answer big questions with practical solutions and with heart.

Everyday Mystery School is here to spread the message of Inner Knowing — the one that tells you when you’ve stepped out of your place of power, neglected your innate wisdom, or shrugged off your soul’s purpose. This Knowing occupies a real place: here in the mundane, the ordinary, in the body, and in your connection with yourself and those around you. Everyday Mystery School helps you reclaim this knowing, first as an individual, and then as a wave of empowerment rippling through your world and beyond.

Alissa Fleet

Experience Strategist
Systemic Constellations Practitioner

Alissa works with people to reclaim their inner wisdom and create the careers, relationships, and livelihoods that align with their highest vision. She cultivates containers and experiences that allow for deep transformation on both the personal and professional level, whether that is one-on-one or in groups.

She works individually with people to help them find clarity about their life’s purpose, how to restore wholeness and meaning, and how to find the next step on a path that is resonant for them. She uses systems thinking and constellations as her primary tools, and brings in elements from mindfulness, Buddhist psychology, and ancient wisdom traditions. Alissa knows what it is to excavate, heal, and expand, because she is continuously in the fire herself.

Alissa has honed her professional expertise in Experience Design, Research, and Strategy over the course of twenty years. She consults with individuals and teams to launch their mission-driven projects and make money doing so. She also works with entrepreneurs and social innovators on complex problems by drawing from systems and design thinking. Leaders often come to her when all other paths have been exhausted and they are ready for new ideas that will help them expand.

Alissa has studied the mechanics of inner and outer transformation for her entire adult life. She has studied and traveled in Vietnam and across India with Thich Nhat Hanh and Mata Amritandamayi (Amma) respectively. She brought these wisdom traditions back to the US where she continued studying, this time in family and systemic constellations. Here, too, she has studied with preeminent teachers: Francesca Mason Boring, Betsy Bergstrom, Dan Cohen,  Emily Blefeld, Jan Jacob Stam, Suzi Tucker, Stephan Hausner, Sieglinde Schneider, and the many incredible people who show up in these circles. Alissa is deeply grateful to learn from those who have come before her and is honored to do the work of transformation with her participants and clients.


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