Celebrating the Mystery

Dec 29 @ 4 - 6 PM PT / 7 - 9 PM ET

With Svetlana Zabolotnaia

Svetlana has been spending much of 2020 exploring the Emerging Future as well as the Dragon Dreaming model for collaborative design. She will be facilitating a celebration circle to reconnect and share gratitude for the skills, experiences, and wisdom each of us has cultivated this year.

In Dragon Dreaming, celebration is considered a key part of community organizing. Very often when a job, a relationship, a project completes, after The Doing we quickly move on to the next dream, without evaluating or integrating what we have lived and learned.

Making time for celebration is considered vital — including from a systemic perspective. It is a feedback loop that spontaneously replenishes and recharges.

Come celebrate and resource yourself and the circle for the new Dream.

“If it's not fun, it's not sustainable."

John Croft, Dragon Dreaming

Free and open to all

Please RSVP and you will receive the Zoom link the day before

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