For mission-based businesses, creatives, healing arts practitioners, and people ready to take the next step in putting their work out. I work with you on the practical aspects of shaping your offering and building a sustainable business.


When you’re in the early stage of creating something new, I work closely with you to help shape your offering.

Approaching your work and business ideas from a holistic perspective, we look for where there is the most support for your business ideas and creative projects. For founders and solo entrepreneurs, the goal is to find the thing that fits you, your vision, your strengths, and that connects with opportunities the world is ready for today.

Several times a year I offer Constellations for Knowing Your Work, a course to support the visioning and inception stage for new offerings.

Product and Service Design​

Through an iterative approach to business building, I guide you through a design thinking process to create user journeys and test with your target audience.

I support you in creating prototypes — including product pages, website flows, and service experiences for in-person and virtual offerings. As we continue to refine, we make sure the essence of your vision is coming through as it comes to life.

Emerging Future Insights

Drawing on systems thinking, we take the wide view of your offering, and how it is connecting with your target audience. If there are multiple audiences you are considering we facilitate a process to diagnose the most beneficial market opportunities that are ready today, and those that are most aligned with where the evolutionary currents are heading.

Go-to-market strategy​

Once your offering is defined, I work with you on the practical aspects of rolling it out and sharing it with the world. I provide design direction and guidance on marketing and packaging of your service experience. When you need specialized talent to implement, I can recommend professionals with the right skill sets.

Ways of working together​

Business Design Consulting

Weekly sessions to support you in developing the vision and strategy for the next step in your business.

Monthly support starting at $480/mo.

Schedule an initial Discovery Session so I can learn more about what’s alive for you.

Group Incubator

Join a group of fellow entrepreneurs in the ongoing Emerging Business Incubator