Family and systemic constellation facilitators in NYC and Brooklyn

Constellations Trainers in the Greater NYC Area

Suzi Tucker
Long Island and NYC

Ron Young

Constellations Facilitators in NYC and Brooklyn

Alissa Fleet

Luisa Muhr

Travis Carrier

Kim Clay and Martina Molloy

Nick Werber

Nathalie Berthold

Annie Block Pearl

Constellations Facilitators just a train ride away from NYC and Brooklyn

By distance…

Eve-Marie Elkin
Tarrytown, NY

Jadina Lilien
Creative Constellations
Hudson Valley

Andrea Bosbach Largent
Ancestral Realms
Kennett Square, PA

Sarah Bastian
Aawakened Heart and Mind
Morrisville, PA

Cindy O’Connor
Open Heart Healing
East Windsor, NJ

Bill Mannle
New England Center for Systemic Constellations
Branford, CT

Ed Lynch
New England Center for Systemic Constellations
Branford, CT

Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld
Seeing With Your Heart
Providence, RI

In constellations there is always an awareness that we’re working with many layers of history in the place where we live and the places we are from. So many find relief in a simple acknowledgement of the land their people came from and those who were left behind. Beneath geo-political layers of history, is what Francesca Mason Boring calls terra firm, the stable essence of the land itself.

These experienced family and systemic constellations facilitators in NYC and Brooklyn area are no doubt working in collaboration with terra firma and those indigenous to this place.

Check their websites for workshops and introductory sessions; most also offer private sessions. These are the facilitators I know and have worked with personally; there are likely even more!

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