Go Deeper

Like clockwork, Sandra Ingerman has been sending out her newsletter The Transmutation News every month, for the past 17 years. She was giving a class last year that met on a weekly basis through some of the difficult news weeks of 2017. It is always helpful to hear from strong leaders like her, to see how their practice translates in real time. When the flooding began in Texas she insisted “do NOT see the people there as victims,” since they still had their lives and with their lives were capable of amazing things.

Her consistent insistence on love and light, through good times and bad, is not the pollyanna ‘everything is wonderful’ because we’re burying our head in the sand. It is a steadfast not turning away, and using mental discipline to adjust our way of seeing. She constantly repeats the importance of seeing our own internal light and using it to refocus and see each person and living being in its light. It can be hard to tell the difference because in English we only have so many words for light so far.

For this particular moment in time, Sandra describes an initiation everyone on the planet is going through right now. And to use the tectonic shifts as an opportunity to go deeper. Whatever your practice is — singing, dancing, seeing people in their light, go deeper with it. “Write the words down on a piece of paper – Go deeper. Put this phrase up everywhere you can see it.”

She also has suggestions this month for people who want to be spiritual activists.

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