How Change Works: Nature Mysticism

For the nature mystics, every thing in the universe, each person, stone, thought form, each blade of grass, has an angel or fairy or deva hovering over it. Through the power of attraction the spirit calls it into being. The spirit’s primary duty is to that individual. But the spirit is in contact with the source, of spirits for all individuals of that species. The central server, so to speak. Among the spirits, they can relay messaging about updates and modifications submitted by an individual person.

William Bloom explains this phenomena, using the example of the flower species.

“The life of a flower is full of activity and forceful energy. It starts as a seed within which a sprout grows and has to crack out from the a casing. It then has to push up through the earth, break into the air and stretch up towards the sun away from the force of gravity. It erupts into flower and distributes its seed before returning to the earth for another cycle.

“The flower fairy, on the other hand, remains more or less the same. In its field it holds the energy pattern of the perfect flower. Whatever happens in the growth of the flower, the fairy remains the same, overlighting the flower and drawing it towards perfection. It does, however, absorb into its pattern the experience of its flower. In this way, partnering with its flower, it gains experience and wisdom. A fairy would have no function or purpose without the plant. The indeterminate intertwining creates what we see as life.

“The spirit attracts its partner to fulfillment, but inside that fundamental attraction is space for diversity, change, and creativity — for individual genius, eccentricity and limitations. The pattern is perfect but anything could happen within it. Devas impose no constraints on their more active and material companions. They simply hold the pattern and inspiration. They harm no one but are gently inspiring. They attract us to fulfill ourselves.”

For those of us longing for transformation, and curious how this “one small change” I make affects the whole, we can take hope in knowing that according to nature mystics anyway, that one tiny change has been officially registered.

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