A community for energetic and practical support to develop a sustainable and meaningful livelihood

Systemic perspective on business building

We take a systemic perspective on how to define your offering; support a full flow of talents and gifts; and connect in a meaningful way with your audience.

We do this through constellation-inspired exercises, group support, presencing, and  hands-on practical support.

Who is this for?

Most of us are working in emerging spaces such as healing arts, group facilitation, education, the arts, and people opening up new frontiers.

Prior familiarity with the systemic perspective on work is needed in order to benefit. Check out the next Knowing Your Work class for more details.

Circle Technology Ethos

As we support each other in a new way of working, we are also building a culture based on Circle Technology. We know that each person knows best how to develop their livelihood in a way that serves them and their families.
 We share from our own experience, and honor the capacity of each person to make the decision that are best for them.

Shared Wisdom Library

We have a growing collection of materials related to setting up a business that is based on what people in the Incubator have found practical and relevant. Organized for quick reading, we will keep adding to the shared knowledge on systemic marketing and effective container building.

Focus Areas


Going from fuzzy idea to shaping your offering


Finding an audience and connecting in a meaningful way


Setting up structures for giving and taking with clients


Communicating about your offering in its fullest expression


Meets Tuesdays, alternating day and evening to connect across time zones:

Date Time Theme
Nov 24 10 am - 12 PT / 1 - 3 pm ET / 6 - 8 pm UK Incubate
Dec 1 4 - 6 pm PT / 7-9 pm ET Systemic Insights
Dec 8 10 am - 12 PT / 1 - 3 pm ET / 6 - 8 pm UK Incubator
Dec 15 4 - 6 pm PT / 7-9 pm ET Systemic Insights
Dec 22 10 am - 12 PT / 1 - 3 pm ET / 6 - 8 pm UK Friends and Family End of Year Celebration
Dec 29 4 - 6 pm PT / 7-9 pm ET Friends and Family End of Year Celebration

Will continue on Tuesdays in January 2021

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  • 3 sessions $105
  • 6 sessions $180
  • 10 sessions $250

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