Emerging Business Incubator

We’re a community of practical support to develop a sustainable livelihood for constellators, healing arts practitioners, and people putting out purposeful work.

Systemic perspective on business building

We take a systemic perspective on how to most effectively support a full flow of talents and gifts; connect a person’s offering to an audience; and form adult-to-adult relationships with clients.

We especially focus on moving from inception to defining and shaping an offering; creating meaningful connection with an audience; and sharing about the offering in a way that feels authentic.

October Dates

Weekly Schedule

Incubator Class

At the Tuesday calls we have presentations on the practical aspects of starting a business. We get very detailed about launching your first website, mailing lists, social media, pricing, managing event, registrations, as well as major and minor fiascos. There are often writing prompts and presenting examples cases from businesses on our wavelength.

Feedback Fridays

On these calls we review work in progress. This is the time to test things like new material about your offering, workshop descriptions, newsletter drafts, registration flows. There is nothing like hearing reflections from a caring group of peers to keep you moving and improving your work.

Intention Setting

On Tuesdays each person has the opportunity to declare their intention for the week and ask for accountability support. On Fridays we check in on progress made.

Office Hours

One “Office Hours” with Alissa is included per month to keep you moving and working iteratively. You can add more time if you’d like more hands-on support with technical details, service design, brainstorming, or existential “what am I doing.”

Shared Wisdom Library

We have a growing collection of materials related to setting up a business that is based on what people in the Incubator have found practical and relevant. Organized for quick reading, we will keep adding to the shared knowledge on systemic marketing and effective container building.

Circle Technology Ethos

As we support each other in a new way of working, we are also building a culture based on Circle Technology. We know that each person knows best how to develop their livelihood in a way that serves them and their families.
 We share from our own experience, and honor the capacity of each person to make the decision that are best for them.

Join Us

Monthly commitment

Participants in the Incubator are in various stages of putting their work out.

We meet weekly and you can sign up to be part of the Incubator for one month at a time.

The monthly rate of $160 includes all weekly meetings and one 60-minute Office Hours meeting with Alissa.

Additional time can be added if you would like more in-depth consulting with Alissa in presenting your product or service offering.

Schedule a Discovery Call

We have a few spaces open starting in October. If you’re interested in joining, schedule a call with Alissa for more details.