Monthly Mentoring

For Building Your Practice

Illi Adato

Monthly @ 1:30 PM – 4 PM ET / 6:30 PM – 9 PM UK

At each mentoring group meeting, there is support for fusing your prior trainings and initiations, as well as the “something more” you may be sensing to address the unique challenges of today. We address personal inner work, looking at what stands in the way, as you continue to grow and evolve your offering.

Monthly sessions focus on:


As practitioners, we are used to holding space in support for others, but who helps the helper? In this group you will receive support to take your place as a practitioner more fully. This may involve retrieving hidden resources, gathering new tools, or inner work needed to prevent burnout.


Those who have started working with clients can bring cases for confidential guidance. If there are sticking points we will explore how to adjust so that you are consistently operating from a place of strength. Together we discover an opportunity to grow that is encapsulated in each of these challenges.

facilitation practice

There will be an opportunity to practice facilitating individual and group processes and receive feedback. You will practice creating containers that are systemically sound, where both clients and facilitator are well-supported in their respective processes.

Who is this for?

Those who have been in prior London Constellations training programs with Illi are welcome to join. In our circle will be family and systemic constellations facilitators, shamanic practitioners, subtle energy workers, therapists, coaches, and people who do not fit neatly into any one box.

We are a growing community of practitioners who are integrating what they have learned from a variety of healing and spiritual paths, as well as their own ancestral traditions and life experiences.

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About Illi Adato

Illi Adato is an innovator in the constellations field, having researched and developed several new techniques for applying Systemic Constellations, including Hypno-Constellations™ and Distant-Healing Constellations. These methods offer simple ways to harness resources which are often unseen and support personal strength, resilience and growth.

He is a personal and group facilitator of Systemic Constellations and as the founder and Managing Director of the London School of Systemic & Family Constellations teaches the method to students from all over the globe.

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