For people who are in the visioning moment of creating a business or offering — early stage entrepreneurs, product managers, social innovators, and organizational leaders. We facilitate a process to draw a clear path from the present day to the future you envision. 

A Systems Thinking Approach to Business Building

We approach your offering not as a singular endeavor created in a vacuum, but as an evolving organism that exists in an interconnected world.

Systems thinking provides a grounded perspective that can hold the multiple facets of your offering.

  • How will your product or service evolve organically to become what it is meant to be?
  • How does it fit into the historic and present context of your industry, society, and broader global trends?
  • How will your customers respond to different product features, messaging, and presentations?


We methodically test how different strategic directions will influence the future of your product in the market and in the world. 

Surface Underlying Dynamics 

  • Can we tap in to understand what truly inspires and compels prospective customers to connect?

  • How can we cultivate more meaningful relationships with our audiences through listening, co-creation, and mutuality? 


By presencing the underlying dynamics of your business, we approach customer research and user experience through the lens of systemic constellations. We take note of what is plainly on the surface, and then go deeper into what lies beneath. We uncover where and why there is resonance, reveal nuances, and the subtle motivating factors that underlie audience response.

Within a short period of time, we test market multiple product options and prospective audiences. 

The Emerging Future

We utilize a unique model for envisioning the future that bridges the gap between today, and the future you envision.

Within the field of future thinking, some futurists displace themselves from the present, and project themselves into a future to develop a story of what could be. Our model of working with the future bridges the present and long-range planning. We work with a nearer-in future, considering your vision in the context of the trends that are already in motion: “the Emerging Future.” 

In this process we explore the evolutionary direction of your offering as well as how different facets of the product, and people who engage with it, can move it forward. 

Our Process

Discovery Consultation

Learn what is alive for your business or creative offering

Systemic Process

A process where our team represents facets of your product concepts, audience, and business model


Debrief, synthesize, and interpret findings

When is the ideal time for a systemic process?

This process can be clarifying for when your business is in the early phase of design, or when your business is at a crossroads and setting new direction.
Early stage
on the market

At the alpha stage when you are marking out new terrain and when you are in the process of defining key components and requirements.

When you want to validate which audience to prioritize; fine tune pricing; marketing channels; user experience interactions.

When products are under-performing, hit a road block, or when they are not connecting with customers the way they used to.

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