There are so many exceptionally good podcasts coming out this year. A favorite discovery over the holidays is Uncivil. It shows the complexity and nuance of race, through talking about historical events during the civil war, and how they’re reflected in comtemporary cultre. There’s a focus on rewriting the stories that have defined who we are, findings surprises, and how things are often not as they seem.

On one show they talked to Justin Roberts, a musician in The Carolina Chocolate Drops, about reclaiming the Dixie, the Confederate anthem, and playing it with his band. And how it can be a fine line between disrupting a dominant narrative and replicating the narrative.

Chenjerai Kamanyika: “There’s an uncomfortability inherent with the song, and I’m just wondering if you have any of that?

Justin Robinson: “I don’t have any from a personal level. But like, what does it mean for a black person to be playing this song that was probably written by a black person, but in the middle period has been co-opted by white supremacist ideology? That’s weird! Like, that’s a weird sandwich. And I wanted people to sit in that, and I wanted to set it firmly on people’s plates so they could regard it and have their own reactions to it.”

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