We Are Indeed Conscious


When I pick up my phone and thumb through the news of the day, I see the world presented through a distorted lens. There is an endless stream of careful reporting, but only on the most extreme negativity in humanity. Little else is told but of the harrowing and heartbreaking things human beings have done to each other in the last 24 hours. What is portrayed in the media, and ingested by millions of people each day is very different from the world I see. It does not reflect the people I know and what they are doing on a daily basis.

The people I know are all too aware of the harrowing things going on, yet are spending their days working to make a change for the better. We are opening our minds and become more aware. We are looking deeply at situations of suffering and injustice. We are caring for our communities and our dear ones. We are working for peace and justice. We are deepening our abilities as healers. We are studying strategic change and educating others on what works now, for this moment in history. We are digging deeper, to find new remedies. We are stepping out of our comfort zones, leaving behind a status quo that doesn’t work for everyone. We are amping up our ability to bring more light into the world. We are working to heal our cultural wounds once and for all. We are hard at work building the new in the shell of the old.

The daily news you hear is wildly slanted and leaves out the part about our goodness and our brilliance and our eagerness to work on behalf of social change, inclusiveness, and healing. We know that you need to hear from us and need to know us. There are tens of thousands of us who are in the midst of becoming awakened, activated, and conscious in entirely new ways.

That is the real story and that is why we’re here.


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