“Yes” and “No” in Constellations

In constellations we work a lot with the energy of “Yes” and of “No.” Both are seen as important movements in the constant exchange of give and take that happens within any system. Increasing our capacity for “Yes” to the life energy that is our birthright helps us open to the gifts and resources in our lineage. Outside of the home, the “Yes” supports the unfolding of our talents and gifts, letting in success, grounding the creative lightning bolt of “Yes” in the work we do in the world and in society. 

La Virgin Dormida, Linda Monsivais

Yes and No

There is a place inside
That knows what it feels like to say “Yes” to life
Once we find it
And take in that new vista
There is no unseeing it

Even though there may be parts of the inner chorus that say,
“No thanks,
We’re going back to sleep now”
Shutting down sense of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch
“We’re going back to playing dead”

We don’t fight them
We take rest
Thank them for their No
So emphatic! So steadfast in their loyalty!
And when we meet in our dreams maybe say to them  
“I see you; I hold a place for you in my heart”

This saying “Yes” to life
and to my place,
Nothing more, nothing less,
Becomes the way I honor you

There is a “Yes”
Now even to you, the saint, the sinner, the outcast, the forgotten one
To your life, your death, the fate that only you could carry
You too belong

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